Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm considering moving to Portland, Oregon. How open & big is the trans* community there?

I personally have never lived anywhere other than Portland so I can’t really compare it to communities in other cities.  I can get you started with a few relevant things in town: both PSU and PCC have some resources for trans and GNC students; the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp is planned locally and held nearby annually; the Q Center hosts trans groups; there was a trans pride march at Pride this year (the photos from that event might help answer your question more eloquently than I can). There are a couple queer and drag clubs if that’s your thing.

Any readers who wish to provide some input, please do so!



Transgender writer/musician/artist/scientist Julia Serano will be speaking at powell’s in portland tomorrow evening (Tuesday December 3) at 7.30, on tour with her new book Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive. She will also be in Seattle on Wednesday.

this is today!



There is a house here. The entry ways are not easily wheel chair accessible, but people here are willing to assist in getting anyone into and out of our house. The space is very flexible and accommodating.  We are near many public transportation stops, and we are relatively close to the airport. We have a futon.

This is a safer place, we acknowledged that we are in the process of doing our work. We also acknowledge that we are not immune to privilege.

The people who currently live here are different variations of queer, white, trans* and cis.

People get fed here. This is a place of herbal medicines and healing. This place is musical, and meditative.

The space is used for therapeutic massage sometimes, and is only available for short term surfs. I work from home and generally ask that people leave by 10am in the morning. There is room here to store things while you are out for the day, if you are coming back in the evening.

Anyone needing a phone number, a shower, references or an address for obtaining employment is also welcome to contact me.

Anyone needing a safe and clean place, or a buddy to do their injections is also welcome to make contact.




I have a two story, three-bedroom house with a huge backyard  (super pet friendly as long as they don’t jump the fence) and am able to keep guests for as long as they chip in for food and utilities.





I’m a transguy that lives with my boyfriend and one roommate (also queer male) in Portland, OR.  We have a pretty small place, but we do have a couch and floor available in our living room for short stays (preferably only 1-2 days, just because our place is so small!)  We are located in the SE Hawthorne/Belmont neighborhood, which is only a couple of blocks from two bus lines that go downtown, and it is within easy biking distance of downtown (15 minutes) and other areas of town.  There are a lot of places to walk to within just a few blocks of our place - grocery stores, the library, cafes, shops, etc.  Our neighborhood is great!

We are all vegan and keep a vegan household.  No animals products are welcome.  Also, we are all drug and alcohol free (although both of my two housemates smoke cigarettes).  Drugs are not welcome in the home, either.  

As a side note - I have many food allergies and sensitivities, so if you do too, we can totally cook together and eat food that makes our tummies and bodies happy! :D

Oh, also, I have a bunch of animal allergies, so we don’t have any furry friends and can’t have any in the house :(




I’m a cis ally that is already up for couchsurfing, so trans* people in need of a place to stay for a few days are more than welcome. My place is in a basement apartment, and is wheelchair accessible, if in a bit of a roundabout way.  The details of my couch/mattress are over on, but basics: very transit-accessible, close downtown Portland, smallish apartment with a mattress and/or couch.  I’d be hesitant to offer it up for more than a week or so, if only because I leave town fairly frequently.



Anonymous asked: Hi! MTF PDXer here! Just wanted to let you know that I went to Hillsdale Electrolysis at the Portland Wellness Center on SW Capitol in PDX for my hair removal the other day and they were really awesome and trans* friendly!!!

hi there!

that’s splendid :D!! we’re really glad that you had such an awesome experience and that you are willing to share it with everyone. we are always down to hear about trans* friendly establishments and pass the news on to our followers. thanks anon!! :D


Anonymous asked: saw that you're posting how to get your name changed in Jackson County but can you do something similar with how to do it in Multnomah County please?

hi there-

we posted a little something about this awhile back but i’m happy to do it again. this link is a step-by-step process on how to go about it in here multnomah county. it also talks a bit about the “id project” offered at outside in which assist low income OR residents in obtaining a name change. hope this helps! please don’t hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions :)



transqueersxxx-admin asked: There's a doctor in Portland named Doctor Nicholas. She works at Mercy and Wisdom Clinic and she works with low income. She only takes new patients if they're trans. I think the last appointment I had with her was like $20 a piece, so long as we provided proof of income. She's kind of fantastic and amazing. She's the first doctor I've been to in Portland that didn't make me feel weird.

(continued): Dr. Nicholas— she also works with trans women, as my partner is trans and we both had appointments with her that went well. :)

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I’m sure our Portland-area readers will greatly appreciate this info!!

For our followers: Here’s a link to the Mercy and Wisdom Clinic’s Contact Page


jacobayden asked: So I guess I just wanted to say hey. I live in Portland and have been on T for eighteen weeks on Monday. (My start date was November seventeenth.) For guys who are low income or homeless who need to change their name, they can go to Outside In and do ID Project. They'll have to come up with half the money-which is around fifty five dollars-but it's worth it. Also, Outside In has a pretty decent trans clinic and you can get hormones for free if you meet certain requirements and whatever.

Hi there! Thank you so much for this information, that’s very helpful! 

For our followers: Here is a link to the Outside In website, specifically to the page listing transgender services.

Every 1st Tuesday of the month.  Call 503.535.3828 to schedule an appointment.

Priority is given to low-income and/or homeless people under the age of 30. 

It appears that they serve MTF and FTM patients.

Thanks again for letting us know about this resource!