Southern Oregon Transgender resources and meet ups.

I’ve started a web page to link to all the resources in southern Oregon and social media group Facebook for the Souther Oregon trans community.  Trying to save the few resources we have here as recently one organization has stopped and Lotus Rising is in trouble from what I hear. is my web page and currently running everything off that. All in its infancy!

Trans* Ally Training at Southern Oregon University tomorrow (Friday, 11/8) at 1:00 pm, in the basement of the Stevenson Union on SOU campus

Trans* Ally Training at Southern Oregon University tomorrow (Friday, 11/8) at 1:00 pm, in the basement of the Stevenson Union on SOU campus

Hello y’all!

Just a heads up that the Southern Oregon Pride Parade is today in downtown Ashland! If you’re a southern Oregonian, come check it out!



Hey y’all. Trans*man here. I live in a house in Medford (right outside of Ashland) in Southern Oregon with my partner and my GQ roommate. We have an extra room that we use as “crash space” for whoever is in need of it! If you’re traveling from the bay to PDX/Seattle or vice versa, we are a great place to stop for the night! If you live in the southern oregon region and need a safe place to stay, please let us know!


Gender Change in Southern Oregon

Mod Note: This is Kitty's story about her gender change process in Jackson County:

As I walked into the court house this last Friday I was super happy to finally have my gender changed on my birth certificate. I will say there is a bit of a controversy around this all.  First of all you have to have surgery to get your gender changed on your birth certificate. As a MTF I had to have SRS surgery and had to be willing to go through the hoops to have it changed. First step of this is if you had surgery in Thailand you will need to make an appointment with a USA doctor to verify that the surgery was performed. Then get a signed note to show to the judge along with your original certificate from the doctor. *DR. Chettawut= AMAZING* 

After you have done all this….wait…there was no paperwork for gender change….

Yes you will get to this step of having to figure out the legal system. THANK EVERYTHING that the fantastic woman at the window you go to for name change created a document for change of sex. *I have a copy of this form for all those who are looking* It really makes it a lot easier and covers all the legal bases so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on a lawyer. I filled out the forms and turned in a copy of my original Thailand form from the doctor, as well as my USA doctor’s note. I proceeded to pay the 105 dollar filing fee, and in 2 weeks from now I will be able to send for a changed birth certificate if all goes well. Now the fun part……

Though you go through this process of Gender and Name change, you also have to seal your records or as I like to call it: “burying your past name and gender” For this part I will need a lawyer to make sure its all hidden so there are no future problems with my husband. I know it will shock a lot of you, but even if you are married legally, change your gender, live your life as a Woman or a Man, and have a wonderful life with someone. If any form of government I.E Military, Fire service, Police service finds out at any point you were different they will try there hardest to use it to not pay you for anything if something happens to your spouse or you are in the military.

In the Military you lose your housing benefit’s, are kicked off of base, they will remove your health care and will basically somehow release your spouse from duty. Do you think this is wrong? There are 37 cases currently where it has happened in the military mostly solderer’s but there has been some where it was found the non military spouse was MTF or FTM and was outed and booted. There is a case where a woman was denied her survivor benefits when her husband a fire fighter perished and they found her original birth certificate to say male. They used this against her to make a case and denied her survivor benefits. Cases like this make it hard for trans people to live full happy lives when there is a fear that we could be outed and have extreme consequence’s. 

Doing this change is a long process with a lot of legal foot work. there is a great deal of having to fight for your right as an American citizen to be recognized for the hard work you have done to transition and live a healthy happy life. I feel that this may come from the demonization trans people have faced over the years, and the idea we are finally at a happy ending. It really becomes someone else trying to put us in a box when we all along knew which box to check for ourselves. 

Jackson County Name Change, Part 2

Part 1 located here

Ok! So when we left off, I had turned in forms A, B, and F to the Probate Window at the Jackson County Justice Building on February 28th. I had to wait 14 days before I could return to turn in the remaining forms C, D, and E. *Don’t forget to bring those with you!!*

On March 13th I went back through security, got the form back down that I had posted up on the wall  and brought it to the Probate Window. The nice woman at the Probate Window signed and date-stamped it and put it in the pile to be signed by a judge. *Note: You don’t have to go before a judge to get your name changed in Oregon!* Then she asked me how many copies of my court-ordered name change paperwork I’d like to order. I ordered two, one to take with me to the DMV, Social Security Administration, etc., and one to keep in my fire safe with all of my important documents.
I left my phone number with the woman at the Probate Window, and she called me two days later to let me know that the judge had signed my name change and I could come pick up and pay for my certified copies! I went back to the Justice Building and picked up my two certified copies, paid $5.25 each for them, and was on my merry way!
Stay tuned for part 3, in which I detail the REALLY FUN experience of going to the DMV and the SSA!
If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line, or contact me on my tumblr!

TONIGHT: An Evening with Julia Serano at SOU


When: Thursday, April 5 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

WhatTrans* activist Julia Serano will be giving a lecture on the Intersections of Feminism, Queer and Trans Politics! Presented by the Queer Resource Center and the Gender and Sexuality Union.

Where: Meese Auditorium, Southern Oregon University

About Julia Serano: Julia Serano is an Oakland, California-based writer, spoken word performer, trans activist, and biologist. Julia is the author of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity (Seal Press, 2007), a collection of personal essays that reveal how misogyny frames popular assumptions about femininity and shapes many of the myths and misconceptions people have about transsexual women. Her other writings have appeared in anthologies (including Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape, BITCHfest: Ten Years of Cultural Criticism from the Pages of Bitch Magazine and Word Warriors: 30 Leaders in the Women’s Spoken Word Movement) and in magazines and websites such as Bitch,, Out,, Clamor, Kitchen Sink, make/shift, other, LiP and Transgender Tapestry. In recent years, Julia has gained notoriety in transgender, queer, and feminist circles for her unique insights into gender. She has been invited to speak about transgender and trans women’s issues at numerous universities, at queer, women’s studies, psychology and philosophy-themed conferences, and her writings have been used as teaching materials in college- and graduate-level gender studies, queer theory, human sexuality and psychology courses across the North America.

About This LectureThe word sexism is typically used to describe any double standard that exists between people based on their sex, gender and/or sexuality. Women and sexual minorities (e.g., LGBTIQ individuals) routinely face sexism, although the frequency and forms of sexism that any given individual experiences may vary greatly based upon their body-type or their gender and sexual identity or expression. In addition, sexism also intersects with other forms of marginalization (e.g., racism, classism, ablism, etc.). In this talk, Julia forwards an intersectional approach to reconcile the many existing debates about gender and sexism that have occurred within feminism, queer activism, and trans activism over the last several decades.

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Hi ^_^

Hello everyone, I am soon to be a new MOD here my name is Kitty, I am 26 MTF, I have had surgery and identify as Female. I am hoping to help everyone I can for a time here in Southern Oregon going through the long process of transitioning. If you have questions from where to get hormones to how to blend better into society just ask!!! I really am an open book!!! I am happy to help anyone I can ^_^ I enjoy things like flower arranging and to be honest shopping, and makeup. I am soon to be studying to become a Esthetician, and am bubbly in personality. 

I know transitioning can be a long hard process for most MTF Women and it takes a lot of work and a lot of support. 

You are not alone


Jackson County Name Change, Part 1

Yesterday I went to the Justice Building in Medford (100 South Oakdale Ave. Medford, Oregon 97501) and turned in my Change of Name of Adult forms. (NOTE: make sure you print these out beforehand!) I got there at about 4:30 pm (NOTE: I would recommend getting there earlier, the Probate Window hours of operation are 9-11 am and 3-5 pm) and had to go through the security xray machine before entering the building (NOTE: make sure you don’t have tons of stuff with you when you go!)

I was nervous that I would be met with hostility, but the woman at the Probate Window was awesome. I hadn’t filled out my forms completely (NOTE: before you get to the Courthouse, fill out form A completely except signature and case #, form B completely except signature, case # and objection date, and form F completely except signature) so I had to do that quickly before I could turn them in. 

I had to show my driver’s license (NOTE: any proof of identity with signature and picture works), and the woman at the Probate Window told me to post my change of name form on the bulletin board on the other side of the room. Then she gave me a piece of green paper for the Payment Window, and sent me on my way!

My girlfriend posted my form on the bulletin board for me and I went to the payment window and paid the $105 to process my form. (NOTE: make SURE if paying with a card that it has the signature on the back!!!) While I was at the Payment Window, the woman from the Probate Window came up and asked me very nicely and politely whether I wanted my sex change forms to file at the same time. I told her I would be doing that after my top surgery, as I needed a letter from my surgeon in order to file those forms, and she smiled and said “I’m glad you’ve done all your research! Good luck and see you in two weeks!” 

All in all it was way less stressful than I thought it would be, and the people at the Circuit Court windows were nothing short of friendly and helpful! 

I’ll post again when I go back to retrieve my forms on the 13th of March! If anyone has questions, feel free to contact me directly, or ask us here on Trans*Oregon!


Name Change in Jackson County

Hello, everyone! Today I will be filing my official name change at the Jackson County Circuit Court in Medford! I will be logging a journal of the step-by-step process for anyone else in Jackson County who may be wondering how to do this!

Happy Tuesday! 


Please let us know if you have any questions?